Shiphandlers and auditors representing varied interests in the industry gathered to collate standardised items for inventory stores. These items were collated to be a part of the eGenie product catalogue under Work Package 2 so as to ensure convenience and the safety of crew on board. Standardisation would ensure that the catalogue of items could be used for future buyer and supplier interactions.

Safe distancing procedures were observed as members made their way around the product setups. As different stakeholders interacted, it was clear that the common goal was to pave the path forward for the ongoing digitalisation of the Maritime Industry.

Standardised Items for Maritime Inventory Stores & Product Catalogue

By Peter Schellenberger

Important stage of eGenie project creation of Standardized Good Maritime Quality Stores Tender Document and Onboard/Onshore catalogue.

Observing social distancing rules, small groups of auditors from leading Shipmanagement and Shipowning companies conducted today in the premises of Conlash Singapore a physical examination of suppliers suggestions of 170 most used and quality critical items. Special consideration towards safe choice for crew convenience and safety items. Target was to create detailed and feature descriptive specifications for main stores item without brand linkage, along with photo documentation of same. This will be made integral part of eGenie catalogue in close cooperation with analytical and computing power of Singapore government agency A*Star.

We had the good presence today of Managing level of leading shipchandlers submitting suggested items such as Wrist, Sevenseas, RMS, Amos and Conlash,  decision makers in eGenie and A*Star as well as auditors from companies like China Navigation, Bergebulk, Columbia Shipmanagement, OSM Shipmanagement, Thome Shipmanagement, AET and Wilhelmsen Shipmanagement. A true co-creational and interesting exchange with productive results even between competitors, leading a way into a well developed digital ecosystem for the Maritime Industry.

Peter Schellenberger
Vice President Supply Chain

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