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Benefits and Scope

The eGenie Forum will work on a membership basis, with members to come from owners/managers as well as the supplier and integrator side.

The benefits experienced on both sides will be similar to those experienced in more advanced B2B industries – as well as generally experienced in B2C: namely that convenience, transparency and TCO become stronger buying criteria than transactional and often in-transparent price comparisons.

Benefits of eGenie membership is a seat at the table as standards for products, processes and documentation are shaped, marketed and scaled up.

What you will get in return

  • An annual schedule of meetings and events.

  • Access to regular meetings to discuss issues and define standards for the marine industry.
  • To collaborate with key industry players and government bodies to set new standards.
  • The opportunity to share best practices and new ideas.

The membership fee is at a low USD 500/year for companies,
plus a one-time USD 500 sign-up fee.

Founding Members

Ordinary Members

Associate Members