• No. 5 Tuas Avenue 3, Bok Seng HQ, Singapore (639405)

  • Batch 1: 18 – 29 January 2021

  • Batch 2: 22 February to 5 March 2021

  • 9.30AM – 1.30PM Singapore Time ( GMT + 8 Hours )

  • Smart Casual

About The Talk

Smart System Framework™ (SSF™) is a highly interactive Rapid Company Assessment (RCA) workshop, integrating over 400 business processes to support rapid company assessment for digital roadmapping and continuous business process improvement. Derived from more than 4 years of extensive research and development on business processes of over 300 Singapore Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), SSF™’s methodologies and tools can be applied on more than 400 business process flows, equipping the participants with the knowledge of ‘standard’ industry business processes and industry best practices. As trained participants apply the SSF™ assessment tools and methodologies in their respective companies, they would be able to rapidly and radically transform their companies bringing about leaps in the companies’ productivity and competitiveness. Since the establishment of the SSF™, it has already made immersive impacts to corporates in the Logistics, Marine, F&B services, Food Manufacturing, Electronics, Infrastructural Services, Precision, MedTech, and Healthcare Services industries.

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“The workshop was interactive and excellent as an introduction into basic concepts of how digitization profited all the participants enormously! It opens their minds to what digitization are capable of since there is a significant difference between “knowing” something in the back of our mind and actively recognizing and implementing them. The work process elaborate data visualizations and enable everyone to understand the daily activities from
various departments.

The course content was comprehensive, well organized and presented on the structured process of how the
information flow within or cross department spelled out that it can be inter-linked and complement each other. The
course content also led on to try different ways of thinking and eliminated redundant tasks that allows our daily
tasks to be much more efficient.

We liked the fact how the trainer engaged the participants to be involved by making it a discussion.
It is indeed a great session, comprehensive and appropriate for lots of experience levels.”

Dave Ng, Group Chief Executive Officer, Bok Seng Group of Companies

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