Mission Statement

  • To be the “Voice of the Industry” by acting as a bridge between businesses and government agencies in the Maritime and Shipping Industry. We had a previous forum for A*STAR SIMTech to better understand the digitalisation needs of the industry.

  • To synergise practices and advance the digitalisation of the Maritime and Shipping Industry so as to augment the competitive advantage of our members’ businesses.

  • To be the unifying knowledge hub for relevant intelligence in the Maritime and Shipping Industry on supply chain management.


  • eGenie Forum brings together like-minded businesses from the Maritime and Shipping Industry to pursue our common goals of digitalisation, automation and systems integration. This can be seen in our goal to enable the industry to embrace Industry 4.0 standards, otherwise known as the fourth industrial revolution.

  • The objectives of the Society are to function both as a think-tank and the voice of the Maritime and Shipping Industry. This simultaneously enables us to understand industry-specific concerns on a deeper level as well as to work with the relevant bodies to counter technical, human and business disruptions. These challenges are due to an increased level of technological advancement (eg the usage of artificial intelligence) that disrupts industries worldwide and which local businesses need to be prepared for.

  • The Society will help members of eGenie Forum in the Maritime and Shipping Industry to lower costs, improve organisational efficiency and increase market share and retention of the best employees. It will do this by building connections with maritime associations and organisations such as SASS. The Society also organised a sharing with e2i (employment & employability institute) to understand how to train workers and upskill jobs in the industry for increased relevance.

  • The Society will also organise functions, talks, events and seminars for its members to interact with one another and share best practices in the industry. The Society will also equip members who participate in meetings and forums with relevant informational materials on supply chain management and help future-proof businesses for a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world.