The Council

Executive Council


John Beck

Vice President, Procurement

Secretary General & Executive Director

BK Lim

Managing Director

Vice President

John I. Roetting



Rason Huang


Vice President Product Development & Innovation

Peter Schellenberger

VP Supply Chain

Vice President, Marketing & Membership

Peter Machado

Managing Director

Council Member

Jens Holger Neilsen


Associate Council Member

Danny Lien


Associate Council Member

Ronald Leng

Director, Professional Services Asia

The Executive Council members were elected during the April 2019 AGM in Singapore. Each Executive Council member represents each of the 5 groups. Leaders will be nominated for a 3-year term. Project Team Leaders will choose their own teams and be responsible for costs and resources, balanced by the teams’ ownership of IP rights.

Formation of an eGF Executive Committee

Activity Groups of the eGenie Forum – membership groups for ‘Procurement and Total Supply Chain’ into 13 business activities and 5 groups:

Group 01

1. Buyer – Ship owners
2. Buyer – Ship managers
3. Buyer – Purchasing group / organization – e.g., MARCAS, INCENTRA, ISSA, IMPA, etc.
4. Supplier – Ship chandlers
5. Supplier – Machinery spares

Group 02

6. Supplier – Manufacturers
7. Supplier – Wholesalers – Suppliers to ship chandlers
8. Supplier – Sales and or Marketing Agents and or Distributors

Group 03

9. Supplier – Husbandry agents; Service provider Onre – repair & maintenance; fire & safety services, riding gangs; supply boats; Surveyors; Consultants
10. Supplier – Freight Forwarders; Packing, Logistics & Transporters; Insurance

Group 04

11. Others – Classification Societies; Port Authorities; Govt bodies – Customs
12. Others – Educational institutions, NGOs

Group 05

13. Supplier: IT and software providers.

We have three Work Packages available to better serve your needs. Buyers and suppliers can benefit from a real-time dashboard that provides updates on buying and supplying information. They can also benefit from data standardisation in the maritime product catalogue. We also have a single database available for ship suppliers. These are ideal for maritime businesses looking to streamline processes and simplify work flows.