• Zoom
  • 1 September 2020, Tuesday
  • 4pm – 5.45pm  Singapore Time ( GMT + 8 Hours )
  • Smart Casual


The event has ended. Additionally, if you are interested, the event report is updated on the programme below or you can download the report for your reading pleasure.’ If you are interested in viewing the recording of the event, they are available below.

Event report

Journey to eGenie 4.0 Final (PDF)

About The Talk

Join us in our sharing on how we are helping the maritime industry to be Martitime 4.0.  We will hear from the experts and eGenie Council on the latest progress and update on Martitime 4.0.

Speakers Highlight


Time Programme
3.45PM – 4.00PM Virtual Registration & Networking
4.00PM – 4.05PM Welcome

by John Beck, President – eGenie Forum 

The Journey to eGenie 4.0 webinar was held on the 1st of September 2020. The focus of the webinar was on how businesses in the maritime industry can strive to achieve Digitalisation 4.0, especially given the challenges posed by COVID-19 of late.

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4.05PM – 4.15PM 2 minute words from MPA

Kenneth Lim, Chief Technology Officer – Maritime Port Authority Singapore (MPA)

Maritime Port Authority (MPA) in Singapore weighed in as their Chief Technology Officer, Mr Kenneth Lim, elaborated on the usage of data and technology to improve the supply chain. He shared a personal example to emphasise on the need data standardisation, which is the integration of data between the buyer and supply chain to improve efficiency. This is supported by the maritime digitalisation framework, which allows companies to chart out a roadmap for success by facilitating collaboration between companies and SMEs. This is part of the ecosystem approach, which was built for, and with the maritime industry in mind. A benefit of adopting this approach includes seamless data supply, which allows maritime suppliers to improve maritime services such as ship supply.

4.15PM – 4.30PM Investing in Transport & Logistics : Smart Solutions

Law Chung Ming, Director – Transport & Logistics Enterprise Singapore 

Viewers also had the opportunity to hear from Mr Law Chung Ming, Director of Transport & Logistics for Enterprise Singapore, on Smart Solutions for Investing in Transport & Logistics. He spoke specifically on the impact of COVID-19 on the maritime and logistics industry, with ill-effects such as a limited value-hold capacity for supply chains. Moving forward, he stated that companies with digital capabilities were able to cope better during the pandemic and warned of higher expectations in the post-COVID world, reaffirming Enterprise Singapore’s belief in the interconnected ecosystem approach at the same time.

4.30PM – 4.45PM Adapt & Grow on Data Analytics and IHM from eGenie 1.0 to 4.0

John Beck, President – eGenie Forum / VP Procurement – Wilhelmsen Ship Management  Singapore Pte Ltd

Mr Beck then addressed participants on Adapting & Growing from eGenie 1.0 to 4.0 with Data Analytics and IHM. To elaborate on the usage of technology to automate transfer processes in the supply chain, he introduced the Wilhelmsen Plastics Initiative, which showed how data can be used to analyse the bottled water consumption of a vessel. Besides aiding sustainability efforts, synthesis of data helps fleet managers to take action on supply fluctuations. He also talked about IHM and EUSRR, ship recycling regulations which are material and supplier declarations of conformity. This charts the way forward for improvements in data quality to play a larger role in the ecosystem, beyond just the consolidation of purchase volumes.

4.45PM – 5.00PM Work Package 2 – Standardisation of Catalogue & Package’s Implementation

Peter Schellenberger, VP Product Development & Innovation – eGenie Forum / VP Supply Chain – Thome Shipmanagement Pte Ltd

All eyes were fixed on Mr Peter Schellenberger, Vice President Product Development & Innovation of eGenie Forum / Vice-President Supply Chain at Thome Ship Management as he presented developments underway for Work Package 2. This eGenie Forum initiative endeavoured to set an industry de-facto standard to standardise the data specification and format of 90% of ship store items based on ship spends. This would include key product dimensions and the description of product quality. To ensure the success of the initiative, industry players would also be brought together to utilise tools on hand to drive efficiencies. Mr Schellenberger also brought up the eGenie-A*STAR Data Collection Initiative, which would bear fruit in the near future by showing the specifications and references of item details in the ship stores. Future development including provision and spares.

5.00 PM – 5.30PM Panel Discussion : Strive, Thrive & Drive New Business Model in Challenging Times

Panel Moderator: Danny Lien, Associate Council Member / eGenie Forum / President, SASS


  • Law Chung Ming, Director, Transport & Logistics – Enterprise Singapore (ESG)
  • Saw Kok Wei, President – Business Units Jurong Port (JP)
  • Dr. Tan Puay Siew, Director, Manufacturing Systems Divison, Model Factory @ SIMTech – A*STAR SIMTech
  • Ole Anton Gulsvik, CEO – Seven Seas Group
  • Jamie Ng, Director – Con-Lash Supplies Pte Ltd

The webinar concluded with a Panel Discussion titled “Strive, Thrive & Drive New Business Model in Challenging Times,” an apt panel for the recent repercussions of COVID-19 that have been felt by the industry. Participants fielded various questions to Mr Law Chung Ming, Director of Transport & Logistics at Enterprise Singapore, Mr Saw Kok Wei, President Business Units at Jurong Port (JP); Dr Tan Puay Siew, Director of the Manufacturing Systems Division in Model Factory @ SIMTech at A*STAR SIMTech; Mr Ole Anton Gulsvik, the CEO of Seven Seas Group; and Ms Jamie Ng, Director Digital Transformation at Con-Lash Supplies Pte Ltd. The panel was moderated by Mr Danny Lien, Associate Council Member of eGenie Forum and President at SASS. It focused on digitalisation as a solution and how businesses can adapt to challenging circumstances brought on by COVID-19., Mr Saw shared that Jurong Port have just completed trials for Lighter Terminal Connect, which enables customers to better match the arrival of trucks carrying supplies with the arrival of supply boats. For companies worried about digitalisation being a “silver bullet”, Mr Law conceded that it is very important but not the “only bullet.” Mr Law explained the complementary and synergetic role that manpower can play in developing along with the system. Dr Tan emphasised on A*STAR SIMTech’s role in developing midterm capabilities and helping businesses pivot to new models with their research capabilities. Mr Gulsvik elaborated on how his company adjusted to COVID-19 digitally. They did not encountered problems with supply or communication as they had the necessary infrastructure as a global hub. Ms Ng shared about the difficulty of having fragmented workflows, however, efficiency improved by 75% on adopting LeSConnect robotic process automation in its sales order process. Mr Saw added how Jurong Port as a central node is developing a single platform to optimise processes and supply chains. Dr Tan emphasised that digitalisation is not merely “high tech and low touch”, but assured participants that A*STAR SIMTech would continue working with eGenie Forum to develop a user interface suitable for the Maritime industry. In parting, Mr Gulsvik put forth that having a new business model is not a revolution, but an evolution. As a natural mode of growth, the ship supply industry has to standardise data and products, merge functions, and automate processes through digitalisation. For fellow SME owners embarking on the journey of digitalisation, Ms Ng advised them to get in touch with the right industry partners, have a goal in mind and start with low-hanging fruits, or pain points, first. Participants were reassured of the next steps to take on their digitalisation journey, the necessity of digitalising processes, data stores and supply chains; and making sure they had the right people to journey with them. eGenie Forum is committed to making their journey a rewarding and fruitful one for all involved. The outcome of standardisation and digitalisation is higher process efficiency, lower supply chain costs with better flexibility and control.

5.30PM – 5.45PM Closing Moderator Danny Lien, Associate Council Member / eGenie Forum / President – SASS